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Style Guide

Whether you're curious about what I offer stylistically, or you want to work with me but aren't sure how to explain your idea from a stylistic standpoint, you're in the right place. Here you'll find descriptions and examples of my preferred styles. Keep in mind, I don't expect everyone's ideas to fall perfectly into one of these categories. In fact, I enjoy combining elements of each style at times and am more than willing to help you decide which style(s) best suits your needs. This is more or less a reference page meant to help my clients and I get on the same page quickly, allowing me to design your piece with little to no uncertainty on what your preferences are.



Elements include high levels of detail, smooth shading, realistic form, and texture. Often associated with portraits, animals, objects like pocket watches, and landscape work. Some clients prefer more realistic floral work as well, although most of my floral work falls in the Blackwork/Illustrative category.


I do partial color or full color realism upon request. Sometimes it's just the eyes of a lion or muted color to accent a specific element. Keep in mind that full color realism takes much more time than black & grey, but the results can be very dynamic.



Elements include noticeable dotted/stippled texture, crisp contrast from dark to light, noticeable line work, and a hand-drawn look. Often paired with subject matter like folklore imagery, floral, spider webs, crystals, and insects, I thoroughly enjoy designing work in this style.

I can use color in this type of work but it's not my preference. Demonstrated in the reference above, this style works extremely well with the use of black contrasted sharply with negative space.



Elements include stippled dot work, lines of various thickness to provide contrast and value. This style is often used for mandalas, geometric, and sketchy/inky avant-garde styles. Although, my least requested work, I do enjoy the challenge of designing and tattooing in this style, relying heavily on clean line work and precision.

I don't use color in this style usually, although I have in some cases, such as the Storm Trooper helmet piece in my Gallery. It was made entirely with lines of various weights, some having a sketchy quality, along with inky/painterly splashes of color.

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